Message From Leeds City Council – Coronavirus Update To Businesses


You may have seen today that the government will not be introducing any restrictions in Leeds this week. However, our coronavirus infection rate now stands at 78.3 per 100,000 people and continues to rise. Leeds City Council is asking licensed premises to play their part in helping to stop the spread of coronavirus—and prevent the need for further restrictions—by following COVID-secure guidelines. 

The council would like to thank every businesses that is taking all of the right steps to operate in a COVID secure way and to protect their staff and customers from this virus. However at this crucial time for the city it is vital that every venue is applying these measures consistently. We will continue to support and advise businesses to do this. But we won’t hesitate to take enforcement action against any anyone that is putting public health at risk.

We can avoid further restrictions if, as one of our partners said yesterday, more people, do more of the right thing, more of the time, because they choose to. Let’s all be champions of this message and get behind the common cause to keep everyone in our city safe and well. 

Please find below a summary of the key coronavirus updates relevant to businesses in Leeds this week:

No new restrictions will be introduced in Leeds this week. However, the city could face further limits next week if the number of infections continues to rise.  Read more.

The council and police have begun a new operation to ensure premises have COVID secure measures in place. Multi-agency teams visited 200 businesses in Headingley this week to offer support, distribute packs with key information, and check compliance with social distancing and other safety measures. The operation will take place in more areas soon. Read more.

The government has introduced new legislation (now in force) requiring hospitality venues to ensure safety measures are followed at all times. Venues not ensuring compliance with the rule of six, social distancing and other safety measure can be issued fixed penalties starting from £1,000.

The government has introduced new legislation requiring venues to collect customer contact details. From 24th September, venues must display and encourage the use of a QR code to support contact tracing. Non-compliant venues can face fixed penalties starting from £1,000. To support the new legislation the government has launched an official tool for venues to create QR codes that work with the NHS COVID-19 app. Read more.

You can still download, print and display a new poster to remind your customers of the important coronavirus safety measures from the Leeds Pubwatch website.

Remember that you can find more support and advice for businesses on our website:

Finally, you can also help to raise awareness of the key messages for everyone in Leeds by sharing this page or this image.

Thank you for all you are doing to help contain the virus in Leeds. Together, we all need to continue to take care of ourselves, our communities and our city.

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