Meet our new staff member – Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis

Our new member Dave comes from a very varied background, having started his working life in the retail jewellery trade. Dave also spent a good deal of time in the licensing trade, where he ran his own business as a freelance relief licensee, but more recently running teams in the finance sector.

Dave says he really enjoyed his time in the pub world, as although it was long hours, with him moving about to different pubs, he got to know a lot of different people and has plenty of stories to tell!

He became interested in computers and took some time out to study how the different packages work. This led to a job working for Barclays in their mortgage section (although he says not to ask him mortgage related questions as he doesn’t know!). When the area that Dave worked in was outsourced, Dave spent 6 months living in the Marriott Hotel in Leicester, while training the replacements.

After that he worked for a company in Horsforth as a General Office Manager, a job that Dave remembers as a provider of everything!

His most recent job was a 10 month contract that lasted for 5 years! His comment was ‘I must have done something right’. This was looking after Government bank accounts which was something of an eye opener!

His interest in BACIL was raised while looking at the website, as he has knowledge/memories of a lot of the older ‘characters’ in and around Leeds.

Apart from his interest in computers, Dave is also interested in Boxing and Football, although he admits he can’t really do either now due to his shape. His pet annoyance is laziness and people that won’t help themselves.

Please introduce yourself to Dave as I’m sure you will find him a very amicable person and someone who is happy to help.