Cross Platform

All members have access to our website and radio to give a cross-platform defence against crime

Low Cost

A cost effective way to mitigate crime in your business


offer online and on-site training on a range of crime prevention issues

Constant Updates

The website and radio give members real time access to the latest crime news in the area


Our members have constant support from our team

What we do

BACIL is run by a small, dedicated team who work with over 420 members across Leeds City Centre from both the day and night time economy. We also work in partnership with Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police, Safer Leeds and other bodies across the city to actively reduce crime. There has been a significant reduction in business crime since we were founded. Our digital radio enables members to communicate city-wide to other businesses and agencies on the network. Members also benefit from daily updates from the BACIL member’s website giving them the information they want when they want it.

Our Partners