No Regrets Campaign Encourages 18-25s in Leeds to Drink Responsibly

No Regrets is a content marketing campaign aimed at 18-25-year olds in Leeds to encourage them to drink responsibly. 

The idea behind the campaign is to empower young people to have a night that is regret-free. Insight shows that regret comes in many forms (physically, mentally, financially, socially) and young people find themselves especially regretting their actions if they have a negative effect on their career or finances, or if they embarrass themselves in front of their peers.

Further insight suggests that young people want to make their own decisions about drinking, without feeling patronised. No Regrets isn’t about telling the audience not to drink but instead encourages them to take control of their drinking, know when to call it a night, and wake up feeling fresh and free from regret.

After the success of phase one of the campaign, which ran from November to February, No Regrets has now relaunched and will run throughout the summer months to educate the audience on how to drink responsibly during this time of year.

Campaign activity will include a range of articles and blogs published on the No Regrets website, along with seasonal and reactive content shared across the No Regrets social media channels. Branded stickers will also be placed in a number of popular bars and clubs across the city to encourage the audience to reflect on their drinking behaviour in the moment.

Please show your support for the campaign by becoming a campaign supporter. To get your supporter pack, please contact Rachel Dukes at

You can also follow No Regrets on Facebook and Twitter, as well as sharing the content on your own social media channels using the hashtag #NoRegretsLeeds.

For more information, visit:

Twitter: @noregretsleeds

Facebook: No Regrets Leeds