Counter-Terrorism Advice & Guidance

The Cross-sector Safety & Security Communications (CSSC) is a partnership between law enforcement agencies, private sector business and local/national government organisations, working to distribute news and security messages to businesses around the UK. Since launching, the CSSC has helped companies prepare for scenarios ranging from counter terrorism, cybercrime, public order events, environmental and transportation issues, to hostile reconnaissance, fraud and security alerts.


Signposting to key sites:   


  • ACT Action Counters Terrorism


Online reporting of Suspicious Activity

i-learning for business

Advice for young people and parents


  • NaCTSO National Counter Terrorism Security Office


Generic protected security advice

Threat level advice

Crowded Place guidance (business sector specific)

Awareness & attack exercise training events


  • CPNI Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure

Expert and detailed advice to protect businesses from external threats i.e. terrorism, espionage & cyber-crime.

Management of assets

Physical security advice

Personnel & People security advice

Electronic security advice

Cyber security


  • CSSC Cross-sector Safety & Security Communications

Communication platform which allows advice & guidance from key public sector bodies to be disseminated to business sectors.

Information :- accurate, timely & authoritative

Messages :- via texts, emails and website

              Requirement to sign-up (it’s free).


More information is available on the Counter-Terrorism Policing North East webpage by clicking here.


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