Refill: Help to reduce plastic use and promote your business

Would you like to raise the profile of your business and attract more trade whilst doing your bit to help the environment? Then sign up to become a Refill station! It’s free!


Becoming a Refill station means that you will offer free drinking water to members of the public who approach you with an empty drinks bottle. This enables everyone access to free clean drinking water and helps the planet by reducing the number of single use plastic bottles consumed (UK consumers go through an estimated 14 billion plastic drinks bottles a year!) When you sign up to become a Refill station you will appear on the Refill app and receive a window sticker to display, therefore potentially increasing foot traffic to your business. Also, once people are there, they are more likely to make a purchase when you provide free water. To see the full benefits of joining Refill see this guide.


You can find out more and sign up your business for free here:


Once signed up, get in contact with Charlotte, the region’s Refill coordinator, at to get your window sticker sent out to you (or if you have any further questions).


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