John Gaunt & Partners - September Licensing Newsletter

Some of the topics featured in this month's licensing newsletter.


Food Safety: "As sure as eggs is eggs" you must be in "no doubt" of your food supply chain. 

Nuisance complaints - Parliamentary Briefing 

Hartlepool say no again to EMRO

Barnet Council proposing to exclude “unhealthy” pubs and restaurants from business rates support 

Gambling on your house! 

CSE – Awareness

Customer Care – A toad or a prince? Customer care is a phrase often espoused by leisure industry leaders as a cornerstone of their business. 

“Remember, Remember” Firework Safety.  With Bonfire Night approaching you may be organising a display. These firework displays can be a fantastic evening at your premises and can lead to additional revenue with the food and beverage offerings available. Events range in size but if you are holding a local firework display you must still plan responsibly so that the evening goes with the right ‘bang’ and ‘sparkle’. 


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