Be Vigilant! Fake £20 Notes


West Yorkshire Police have recently recovered £400 of fake Scottish £20 notes from a bookies that when tested with a counterfeit currency pen passed the test. WYP are also aware of someone advertising similar English £20 and £50 notes on Facebook that can also pass the pen test. Please be vigilant. Premises known to have been affected are in LS6, LS1 and LS12.

We have some fake Scottish £20 in circulation in the city, all with same serial numbers (2 different serial numbers that we know of) Serial numbers: 942905 &  257349. 

All feel embossed and have a water mark however, low quality printing and silver security strip not there.  Money check pens also do NOT work. 

Betting machines are taking the notes.


Further information and guidance is available on the West Yorkshire Police website by clicking here

In addition, information and guidance on legal tender is available on the Bank of England website by clicking here.