Project Griffin


BACIL is offering a free course on counter terrorism. If you would like to attend please contact Andy or Sean on 0113 241 3012 or email or

Project Griffin Awareness Day 

Wednesday 23rd January 2013 09.30-12.00

City Exchange Albion Street 


Welcome & Introduction

An introduction from a senior member of the hosting organisation and/or senior police officer representing the district.

North Eastern Counter Terrorism Unit – Threat

A member of the North Eastern Counter Terrorism Unit will provide an outline of the threat from international terrorism, Irish related threat and domestic extremism. This will be delivered in context to include the relevance to staff/organisation(s) receiving the input.

Crime Scene Management

A member of North East Counter Terrorism Unit Forensic Team will give an overview of the role of forensics at a ‘bomb’ crime scene and the assistance that would be sought from site/organisation staff to maximise evidence preservation safely also will provide an overview with examples on bomb threat, suspect packages with emphasis on safety, safe distances, evacuation and an understanding of their role and assistance sought as action at the scene..

Hostile Reconnaissance

A member of North Eastern Counter Terrorism Unit will present an overview where the emphasis is on behavioural patterns so delegates understand the primary role and nature of hostile reconnaissance, appreciate the importance of reporting suspicious activity and how and to whom suspicious activity is reported.

Leeds Evacuation Plan

A member of Leeds City Council Emergency Planning unit will present an overview of the Leeds City Evacuation Plan.


An attendance certificate to be awarded on completion.


About 2 hours 30 mins.